01 August, 2022

Finally a new version of watchmis.com happened. It's WIP and a huge list of features is waiting.

Re-wrote everything from Spring/MVC to remix-run / React / Tailwind

Half of my daily unique users (about 300 per day at the time of writing) are from mobile platforms so a mobile-first design was given a priority.

Deployed on a Digital Ocean droplet, automatically running the process on every restart using pm2.

Also migrated all of the data from Postgres SQL to SQLite. After a trial period will uninstall Postgres SQL from the Digital Ocean droplet freeing resources. No more user access issues. 


Note the pre-fetch feature - if you hover over a link then the page starts to load in the background. If you decide to visit the link after a while that page is already there :-)

remix-run is an excellent tool for the full-stack job! Love it!

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