23 August, 2017

Deploying a Spring application as a Linux service behind nginx (Ubuntu Server 16.04)

1. Create, build and run locally the application

The application to deploy is a JPA Data with REST from the official spring docs. But, instead of the system wide gradle mentioned in the Spring documentation we'll be using the ./gradlew wrapper since this is the recommended way of doing things. The gradle wrapper is usually committed to the source control.

02 March, 2017

SpeakIt version v5.1 is out (just two days after releasing v5.0).

- Added a sound recorder. 
- The UI has been rewritten.
- Latest versions of all of the third party libs.
- A bunch of maintenance fixes.

20 January, 2017

Android enums are out of fashion (again)

Back in 2011 Google removed from its Performance Tips the advice to avoid enums. Today I've been rewriting an older app and wanted to add a feature that allows you to change the EditTexts' size using a PreferenceFragmentCompat at runtime. It would have a low, medium and big setting and the sizes would be resolution independent. A low, medium and big trio is asking for an enum and apparently enums were already ok with Android SDK.

But then I decided yet to check this again.
And it turns out that nowadays using an @IntDef is the kosher way of doing things.