27 January, 2016

new versions for Speak It & Random People

SpeakIt for Android verison 4.2.2 released:
  • removed intersitial ads
  • modified back navigation from the ‘More Apps’ section
Random People has a new version 4.0.2 too:
  • removed intersitial ads
  • reduced apk size
  • some navigation fixes

26 January, 2016

19 January, 2016

SpeakIt 4.2 release

SpeakIt for Android has an new routine maintenance release.

new in v.4.2.1:

new in v. 4.2:
  • added the long awaited drop down list of the available languages. 
  •  fixed Gmail 5 attachment denied permission problem
  •  reduced apk size
  •  added a ‘More Applications’ section
  •  modified the UI workflow

13 January, 2016

Random People 4.0.1

It so happens that Random People has an unanticipated new version release. The UI is now er, different, to put it mildly. How on earth did we live before the material design? Unimaginable.