24 October, 2021

Deployed my second ETH blockchain toy project to https://cannonades.com/nft/epic-nfts/ .

The Ethereum smart contract has been published to the Rinkeby test network.

To mint your unique NFT you will need Metamask installed. Also you will need test money. Try getting them from one of these places:

| MyCrypto | https://app.mycrypto.com/faucet

| Ethily | https://ethily.io/rinkeby-faucet/

| Official Rinkeby | https://faucet.rinkeby.io/

A maximum of 200 NFTs can be minted, this limitation is in the contract. If the maximum of 200 is reached and you want to mint more, let me know and I'll publish a new contract and maybe a new page especially for you :-)

Enter the page and generate your NFTs :-)  https://cannonades.com/nft/epic-nfts/

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