31 August, 2016

Amazon Watches Finder Release

watchmis.com , the Amazon Watches Finder, is having a production release today.

(Disclaimer: watchmis.com is not a 'business' project. It is using data scraped from Internet and it is more of a technical endeavor to have a production pipeline continuously tested and modified.)

Built with Django, django-bootstrap3Django Froala WYSIWYG Editor, Sendgrid. Hosted on a Digitalocean Ubuntu Droplet.

The choice of a framework for this side project was not obvious at all. I'm doing Android native development since 2009, all sorts of Java since 2006 and Java is my friend. So a framework like Play might seem a better option... until you look at the hosting, that is.

The cheapest droplet on Digitalocean costs $5/Months and it has 512 MB of RAM. The droplet can be upgraded anytime to a higher category. Exactly what a needed to start a project as unpretentious as possible while keeping the potential to grow fast.

Having done a couple of Python projects back in 2008 I started looking at Django. 

And two things came out while doing the comparison of Play with Django:
  1. Memory recommended: Play - 1 GB vs Django - 128 MB
  2. Application startup time - Play - 1 m vs Django - 2 s
I was struck by this. And here we are, the web application is running. 

If I feel like another web project would I choose Django again? Not sure. I'd be carefully looking at the hosting options again and might take a JVM related framework after all.

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